What Are The Things I Need To Get A Website?
There are 3 main things you need to get a website:

  1. Domain Name: This is your website’s name. For example, ours is “”. We don’t sell domain names, but we can recommend a reseller for you.
  2. Website Design: This is everything that goes into creating your site: The number of pages, what those pages are called and what they do, the layout of each page, the colors, the links, the text, the images, etc.
  3. Web Hosting: When someone types in your website name, your website files are loaded from a server. This server is called a “web host” and is how your website gets, and stays online. Moto Marketing provides web hosting, which we often combine with our Website Design service as a package.
What If I Already Have A Domain Name?
No problem! We can walk you through how to point your domain to our hosting service, or even do it for you.

What If I Already Have A Website? Can I Still Buy A Package?
Of course! Please let us know before you order, so we can make sure the process goes smoothly. Additional charges may apply.

What If I Don’t Like Any Of Your Themes?
If you don’t see a theme that works for you, we can also customize most third party wordpress themes from (additional charges apply). Or you can consider a custom design from scratch.

What Is Your Turn Around Time?
Once we have received all of your content, average turn-around time varies by package:

Silver package: approximately 3-5 business days
Gold package: approximately 5-7 business days
Custom Design: approximately 3-5 weeks

Additional time may be needed if you order any of our extra services.

How Do I Send You Content And Pictures?
We use a Project Tracking System for all communication once we begin working on your website. You can login to the system and easily submit any content or pictures. You don’t need to wait until you have everything ready, we can start designing your site and add your content and images as you get them. Of course, if you want assistance finding images for your site or need someone to do writing for you, we can help!

Can You Design A Website To Sell Items?
If you want to sell a few items and use Paypal for your customers to make the purchase, we can incorporate that into your website. But if you want to sell a larger number of items, a more advanced e-commerce site is required and we do not currently build this kind of website.

Are There Any Other Restrictions on the Kind of Website I Can Get?
We do not design or host adult websites, or any sites that promote hate, violence or discrimination.

What is Considered A Page?
Our Web Design prices are based on the number of pages on your website. A page is any top level menu item. For example, on our site, “Home”, “Themes” and “FAQ’s” among others, are each considered a page. All of our Web Design packages come with a set amount of pages. Each additional page is $100. You can start small and add pages as you need them.

What Happens Once I Place My Order?
We will send you an invoice for the package and services you have ordered. Once we receive your payment, we will send you login information for our Project Tracking System. We use this system to communicate with you and get the information we need to start the design process.

How Do I Tell You What I Want My Website To Look Like?
If you are purchasing our Silver or Gold package, we’ll suggest a few of our existing themes to use on your website. If you don’t see anything you like, show us websites you like and we can design something similar for you with our custom design option.

What Can Be Changed For Each Theme?
All text and stock photos will be swapped out with your content. If you don’t already have a logo, each theme comes with a basic text logo, or you can upgrade to our custom logo service. We can modify colors and other graphics within the Themes for an additional cost.

Why Do You Work With Templates/Themes?
Templates allow designers to charge much less, while still producing quality websites. This works great for clients who are on a limited budget and have time constraints. The reality is if you’re paying less than $1000 for a website with a content management system like WordPress, your web designer is most likely using an existing template. They just won’t tell you.

At Moto Marketing, we’re completely transparent about what we do. Our goal is to provide a solution that is affordable, creative and effective. All of our themes are well coded and are proven to convert at a high rate, so you can rest assured you’re getting professional top quality work. Should you prefer a completely unique, custom design from scratch, we do that too!

How Do You Compare to Those “Free Website” Companies?
Most of those companies have a “build it yourself” tool. You have to use this tool to design and construct your own website. Plus, your website is not fully owned by you. You can’t get a copy of your web site files, or move the site to a different hosting company.

At Moto Marketing, professionals take care of the design and construction for you. Your website is 100% owned and controlled by you. Our content management system makes text and image updates easy to do, and our sites tend to be much more search engine friendly compared to the build-it-yourself options.

Can I Make Changes Once My Website Is Done?
Yes, once your website is completed you will be able to make updates and changes yourself using our content management system. We even provide video tutorials to help show you exactly how to use this system. Some business owners are too busy and prefer to have us handle their updates for $50 per hour, which we bill in 15 minute increments.

So Now I Have A Website, How Will People Find It?
There are a number of techniques we incorporate into all of our designs that make your site search engine friendly. But in certain circumstances, you might want to do more to promote your website. Well, in addition to being web designers, we are also experienced web marketers. We have a number of marketing services aimed at increasing the traffic your website gets.